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Practice Areas

Our firm delivers a full range of copyright, licensing and business consulting services for professionals in the creative industries.

Intellectual Property

Owning the rights to your intellectual property helps secure your success in a highly competitive market.  With deep experience in the most complex copyright matters, McCulloch Kleinman Law provides the experienced counsel and fierce advocacy your creative business needs to protect and enforce your valuable rights in your creative content.


From prosecuting infringement cases to negotiating complex licensing deals to strategically managing your portfolio and even guiding you through the registration process, our team helps professionals and businesses across a range of industries achieve the greatest value from their creative assets.

Copyright Enforcement

As technology evolves and the digital economy continues to grow, it is ever more challenging for creative professionals and rights holders to manage the distribution of their content and works while still protecting their IP and legal rights.


We have significant experience in all aspects of copyright management and enforcement and can help your creative business protect its most valuable assets.  We are skilled litigators who can help you enforce your rights, in or out of federal court, and savvy negotiators with a well-documented record of successfully resolving substantial claims against companies at the highest levels of their respective industries.  We can help your creative business manage and avoid risks in licensing transactions, or defend you against an infringement claim.  McCulloch Kleinman Law can provide both the deliberate counsel and skilled, aggressive copyright enforcement that your creative business needs to succeed.


We take a proactive approach to establishing and enforcing our clients’ legal rights without losing sight of the needs and goals of each particular client.

Licensing & Contract Negotiations

Whether it’s stock photography or commercial music production, IP licensing is how many artists and rights holders monetize their creative assets.  But without proper representation agreements and contract protections in place, effective management of your business can become an uphill battle.


Working with you and potential licensing partners, we skillfully negotiate licensing agreements that ensure your rights are protected, and endeavor to create long-term partnerships that help you reach your financial objectives.

Appellate Litigation

When pursuing or defending against infringement cases, it’s sometimes necessary to appeal court decisions or defend a favorable judgment at higher levels to secure the win.  Skilled in the full range of appellate litigation, our team is equally comfortable advocating on your behalf at trial or handling your case through appeal.


We’ve built a proven track record of achieving positive results at every stage of litigation.

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